The Oasis Farm

The Oasis Farm is located in Kyungu, Mukono, 25 kms from Kampala. The area has unique climatic conditions and soils favorable for Intermediate and Sweetheart Roses.

Production Area

The rose farm has 8.5 hectares under production and exports 12 million stems annually to European markets.


Quality and Standards
MPS -ABC SQ  certified. This is an international accredited environment standard based on registration.  MPS is not only concerned with the environment, but also plays a major role in the safety, health and conditions of employment.




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Product Range

The rose varieties grown  are as follows:  Jambo, Akito, Jamila, Raspberry King, Valentino, Poeme, Escimo and Viva.



  • The Rose farm currently employs 260 employees, of whom 70% are women and 30% men.
  • Supports the community in Kyungu, Mukono. All casual workforce is locally sourced from the community hence increasing their livelihood.
  • The Farm at its inception invested in the electrification of the Kyungu village and neighbouring areas by extending electricity from Mukono Town (a electricity line of 7 km). This spurred other economic activities like a stone quarry, medical centre, cooking oil industry, in addition to domestic consumption.
  • The farm equips and supports a local football team providing them with uniforms, footballs and cash donations.
  • Help fund places of worship such as churches and mosques in Mukono.
  • Brings health personnel to advise, lecture and test farm employees on their HIV Status.


Below are the  green houses in which the roses are grown.